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What Clients are Saying About our Estate Analysis

"After review of three estate planning services, I found your plan/program superior. It is concise, yet detailed. It's also easily understood and easy to follow. Following your reasoning and suggestions, I believe I will have saved thousands in potential taxes, as well as properly and adequately providing for my beneficiaries."

--Thomas W.J.D., Milwaukee, WI


"I ordered the Estate Analysis because it was advertised in a newsletter and I have an estate problem that I am looking for answers to. Your Analysis is full of good information which we are using to help solve the problems. I thought you all did a good job of putting together the information. I do appreciate it and am moving along with the job."

--James C., Chantily, VA


"Do I like your program and service? I'd bet a bill that I have suggested or recommended your idea and service to 25 of my friends. In fact, just today I gave your firm's name and address to two of my friends.What did I think about it? I was very impressed--tremendously impressed. Frankly, I do not see how you can produce such an outstanding analysis and sell it for only $397.00.

What a refreshing change to come across an organization which really cares."

--R.B.M., Monroe, LA


"Your Estate Analysis was very well presented. Our purpose was to determine if second-to-die life insurance would be of value to protect our estate. As it turned out, we did purchase some insurance! Also, as a result of the insurance examination, we found an illness that has since been corrected. All things considered, the original Estate Analysis resulted in correcting an illness that may have gone undetected."

--Louis T., Oshkosh, WI


"We found the Estate Analysis to be very helpful. When a person adds up all his personal items (real estate, cars, etc.), he finds his estate to be much larger than expected. Your idea of funding with life insurance (second-to-die policy) is very good so that the children will have money to pay estate taxes. Your estate premiums are very reasonable. Possibly a person should purchase more insurance than is initially needed because everything increases in value.
The IRS has never said thank you for all the taxes I've paid them, so I'd hate to see my children pay them any more when I die."

--Marlin F., Mexico, MO


"The material sent to me was informative to the extent I sought out a lawyer to draft for me a Living Trust which I now have. The material you sent was passed on to a friend.

I originally ordered it as I did not want my affairs to end up like my mother's, who at 93, is "vegitating" in a nursing home and did not leave behind a

"Durable Power of Attorney."

--Eugene S., West Chicago, IL


"Your Estate Analysis was excellent. I ordered the analysis to put in perspective my financial affairs. You showed in clear, concise terms, how to protect and conserve personal assets. The purpose of each trust was elucidated. Thanks again."

--Marc T., Longmont, CO

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