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Financial Editors Recommend our Estate Analysis

"I've known David T. Phillips longer than I've known my wife. We've watched the kids grow they can water ski better than he can! But even if I'd never known David personally, I would still have to respect him for what his company has accomplished in terms of planning and protecting literally thousands of people over the years. That's a heck of a legacy, and his Estate Analysis is just one more proprietary tool that I don't think anyone else can duplicate. I'm amazed at how complete it is...and the impact it has in properly planning one's estate."

-- Mark Skousen

Editor, Forecasts & Strategies


"You can't plan your estate until you know where it stands now. The EPS Estate Analysis is a great way to do this. It's fast, comprehensive, and affordable. The Estate Analysis also is concise and easy to read and comes with relevant recommendations. If you're wondering how to start the estate planning process, this is the way."

--Bob Carlson

Editor, Retirement Watch

"I believe in patriotic investing. If you give your federal or state legislators $1.00 of unnecessary taxes, they will spend $1.75! That's inflationary. Inflation is un-American, so tax avoidance is patriotic.

Do you want to risk getting as much government as we are paying for? I surely don't! I'm sick of taxpayer bailouts. I have contributed enough!
Have you written the federal and state governments into your will? Of course not! They have already written themselves in for a major share of you life's savings. The sad part is that it was never necessary or desirable.

If you truly love your loved ones, EPS Estate Analysis makes it as easy and reasonable as it is ever going to get to make sure your family's financial security is guaranteed.

It's the easy way to prevent having to learn the hard way!"

--William E. Donoghue

Publisher, Donoghue's MONEYLETTER


"If you pass away with an unprotected estate worth more than $4 million, your heirs will be faced with a tax bill totalling anywhere from $300,000 up to $900,000. But if you protect your estate properly, that bill could be reduced to zero.

I urge you to look into this important topic now. The Estate Analysis will help you in this regard. It gets down to the nitty gritty in a hurry! It takes an unbelieveably complicated area of the law and cuts right through to the bone--you won't waste your time or money with the Estate Analysis!"

--Adrian Day

Editor, Investment Analyst


"I've known David for almost 10 years. The man knows more about estate planning than anyone I've ever met. He's an absolute genius at using insurance and other tactics to keep family money in the family. And he's now offering a service that can help anyone avoid the estate traps the IRS has laid for them.

His safe, sensible, estate plan will protect your family for up to three more generations...all in less time than it takes to read a single book on estate planning.

The Estate Analysis from Estate Planning Specalists has a single purpose; to show you how to reduce your estate's shrinkage to zero. The goal is to allow your heirs to retain 100% of what you have worked for. Not 50%, not 70%, but 100%."

--Brian W. Smith

Publisher, National Institute of Business Management, Inc.

"I had definitely been procrastinating. I was so busy running my business that distributing my estate was literally the last thing on the totem pole. I was familiar with David T. Phillips from his participation at The Money Show and it was he who suggested I take the time to complete the ESTATE ANALYSIS. The questionnaire was painless, and so easy that it took only 10 minutes to fill out. The calculations I gained that illustrated my future tax liabilities were staggering and certainly opened my eyes. I received some clear-cut recommendations for managing my finances to the point where my estate settlement costs would be reduced significantly. I recommend this invaluable service.”

--Kim Githler

President and CEO, The Money Show


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