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Skousen July 2017


Best 'Leveraged Care' Solution Today

A topic on everyone's mind is long-term health care because there is a 72% probability that it will personally impact each of us. Another reason it is such a big issue is that the largest generation of Americans, the so-called Baby Boomers, are living it on a daily basis with their aging parents.

I think the number one topic of concern among seniors these days may well be the eventuality that we all will face a financially devastating long-term-care event, especially with the advances in medical technology that keep people alive for years, and not always with much quality of life.

Other than self-funding, the only way to finance potential long-term-care expenses in the past was to purchase a traditional stand-alone, long-term-care insurance policy. That is, until now.

Thanks to Section 844 of the Pension Protection Act, you can reposition your self-funded dollars that you intended to use for long-term care into a new type of leveraged account established through an insurance company that magnifies those dollars, depending on your age, up to 10 times, if you need long-term care.

The concept is known as The Leveraged Care Solution. David T. Phillips, my estate planning expert, has completed a new Special Report titled: Leveraged Care Solutions - Answers to Today's Long Term Care Crisis. which outlines the three Leveraged Care Options and introduces a brand new option known as SecureCare. David is making the report available for my subscribers to download at no cost by calling toll-free 888-892-1102. Just mention Forecasts & Strategies and they’ll send it to you. No agent will call unless you request it.

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