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Skousen December 2014

New Ways to Invest The Incredible Tax & Investment Benefits of the '3-to-1 Long Term Care Annuity Combo'

"If you are 65 years or older, you have a 69% chance of requiring some type of long-term medical care." - David T. Phillips

For the past couple of years, I've recommended profiting from the aging of our population through healthcare real estate investment trusts (REITs) and the biotech revolution. In fact, someday you yourself may end up using the services of assisted living facilities or a new biotech product. The number of Americans 65 or older will more than double by 2040 to 81 million, and the vast majority will end up using a nursing home or needing some kind of assisted living. Paying for these services is expensive, and now is the time to plan ahead.

Dave Phillips, one of my favorite estate planning specialists based in Arizona, has developed the most advanced way to benefit from long-term care called the “3-to-1 Long Term Care Annuity Combo Plan.” Available to subscribers aged 50 to 80, it is a great way to combine your investment portfolio with longterm care insurance. Unlike traditional long-term care insurance in which you lose the benefits if they are not used, the 3-to-1 Combo plan allows your money to remain on your balance sheet. If you are lucky enough to dodge the long-term care bullet, you can either use the money invested while you are living or pass it on to your heirs. On the other hand, if you do end up needing care, you will have three times the annuity value available if you are healthy or two times if you are in average health at the time you start the contract.

This unique single-deposit annuity with a long-term care combination policy is offered by a top financially rated insurance company. The key is your money grows tax-deferred in the annuity. If you should ever need long-term care (triggered by not being able to perform two of six activities of daily living or mental impairment), you will receive the benefit of tax-free income until you or you and your spouse have exhausted the pool of benefits.

Want more information? Contact David T. Phillips, or Todd Phillips, Estate Planning Specialists, 1-888-892-1102, for your personalized long term care annuity kit and their free Special Report, "How to Hedge Against the Coming Long-term Medical Crisis."

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