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Skousen Dec 2011

Forecasts & Strategies
December 2011
Vol. 32, No. 12 Pages 7-8

New Ways to Invest

Three Opportunities to Make Big Money with Little Downside Risk

One of my favorite estate/tax planning specialists is Dave Phillips, president of Phillips Financial in Chandler, Ariz. (near Phoenix). I’ve known Dave for more than 30 years as a reliable, low-cost source for insurance products, without the high-pressure sales tactics.

Dave recently told me about three new products that you should know about in these uncertain times.

First, there is an exciting, brand-new hybrid index/variable annuity called “Structured Capital Strategies,” which is available from AXA Equitable (rated A+ by A. M. Best). As subscribers know, most guaranteed indexed annuities offer such low payouts that they aren’t worth buying now. But Structured Capital is different – it offers you 100% participation in the upside gains of your chosen Index up to an earnings Cap. What makes this annuity so intriguing is unusually high Caps, compared to typical indexed annuities. The Russell 2000, for example, has an upside cap of 62%. The trade off is you can lose in the account if your losses exceed the buffer, which in this case encompasses losses deeper than 20%. That’s a pretty good risk/reward relationship if you ask me and is a great way to reduce risk from your portfolio. For details, call Dave or his son Todd, who specialize in annuities, at 1-520/796-2500 or toll-free at 1-888/892-1102.

Note From Todd Phillips: Axa's Structured Capital Strategies is a security and details cannot be listed on this website. To learn more please call 888-892-1102 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will rush out their investors kit along with current rates. You can also watch a video by clicking this link: AXA's Structured Capital Strategies.

Second, in an era where bank certificates of deposit (CDs) are paying only 1.5% or less, or fixed annuities are paying only 3.4% a year, why not look into a commercial real estate investment trust (REIT) that pays a monthly income of 5-7%? There are two kinds of commercial REITs: publicly traded, including Realty Income (O, $33.47, 5.3% yield), based in Escondido, Calif. It has a rising dividend policy.

Or you can invest in a non-traded REIT like Cole Capital REIT, which pays 6.5% from single-tenant leases of financially secure nationwide chains such as Kohl’s, Walmart, Staples, Lowes, Home Depot, CVS and Walgreens. After five years (more or less), Cole Capital intends to sell the REIT to a major institutional investor in hopes of turning a profit. Since Cole established these leases after the 2008-09 Great Recession, there is a good chance for profits.

Note From Todd Phillips: Cole's Non-Traded REIT is also a security and details cannot be viewed on this website. Call or email me and I will send out your investor's kit. I can also run through a one on one web conference that I think you'll enjoy. Meantime, here is an excellent article on Non-Traded REITS

Third, consider making a deposit transfer into One America’s (A+ rated) U.S.-patented, revolutionary Asset Care I Long Term Care/Combo plan – a unique Joint Life and long-term care (LTC) policy that covers both husband and wife.

Suppose you are a couple, both age 70, with enough assets and income to live comfortably for the rest of your lives – BUT you are worried that the exorbitant costs of long-term care could consume your assets. By transferring $100,000 into Asset Care I, if either of you trigger the LTC benefit by not being able to perform two of the six “activities of daily living” of daily living or have cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease, you would receive a monthly, tax-free income benefit ranging from $3,500 to $6,800 (the company’s choice when the annuity is issued). If you never use the LTC benefit, your family would receive the $176,884 life insurance benefit – tax free. With Asset Care I, there even is an unlimited, guaranteed, lifetime monthly LTC Benefit for either spouse as an option.

If you want more details about any or all three of these strategies, call David or Todd Phillips, Estate Planning Specialists/Phillips Financial, 5350 N. 48th Street, Suite 238, Chandler, AZ 85226, at 520.796.2500 or toll-free at 1-888/892-1102. You also can go to:

Note: For more on One America's Asset Care I and other Asset Based Care plans: LTC/Annuities and LTC/Life go to our Asset Based Care section on our website.


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