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Skousen - Reduce Your Long-Term Care Expenses by up to 90%


Reduce Your Long-Term-Care Expenses by up to 90%!

No one can predict a long-term-care medical event. But if it does happen, here is something to consider: An IRS-approved investment vehicle that lets you pre-pay (tax-free) for long-term care expenses… and can reduce your long-term-care expenses by up to a whopping 90%.

I was introduced to this unique care alternative by my old friend, David Phillips, who heads Phoenix-based Estate Planning Specialists. David calls it the "844 LTC Plan," and every dollar you deposit into an 844 LTC Plan will balloon by 300%... 500%... even as much as 1,000% — depending on your age and when you begin.

And if you don't require any long-term-care in your lifetime, your spouse or your heirs will receive up to 200% of your deposited money back. It also provides a full return of your deposit option after the fifth year.

If you've ever considered Long-Term-Care Insurance, you owe it to yourself to look into this new solution. You can learn more about the 844 LTC Plan and all its money-saving benefits at my colleague's website: Or call Dave or his son Todd at Estate Planning Specialists in Phoenix at 1-888-892-1102. They will both be at this year's FreedomFest if you want to talk to them directly.

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