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The Family Bank Strategy

    FBS BookIn his newest book, David Phillips explains 17 positive features of The Family Bank Strategy and lists 10 factors that have come together to make it one of the premium safe money strategies today.

    For many of you, The Family Bank Strategy is a way to lock in the value of your estate for loved ones, earn a solid tax-free return on your cash value, and have tax-free access to the capital when you need it. It can play an important role in increasing your family's after-tax wealth.

    Please complete the form below to receive your copy of The Family Bank Strategy.  The price for the book is $9.95 which includes any shipping and handling fees.  After you submit your request a member of our staff will call or email you to take your credit card information. Then they will U.S. Priority mail it out to you.  Thanks again for your interest!  

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